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About company

Introduction of Delight Co-operative

Co-operative was established in 2021 in Fair Trade NSW Co-operatives National Law (NSW). Currently we are operating in Sydney with our head office at Auburn, NSW. Within a short span of time, the co-operative has been able to come up with the wide range of products and services that best suits to its members. We want to support different business and community initiatives for the social, cultural and financial betterment of members and their community.

Delight Cooperative is also a member of the Cooperative Federation of Australia. We are one of hundreds of cooperatives in Australia established to work for the betterment of its members.

Why Delight Co-operative

Why Delight Co-operative

Cooperative brings multiple possibilities and opportunities to its members. An initiative which cannot be accomplished by an individual alone can be done when we come together as Cooperative. We as Coops want to support different business and community initiatives for the social, cultural and financial betterment of members and our community.

  • Innovative
  • Talent
  • Enabling
  • Responsible
Delight Value

Some key benefits to member (shareholder) includes:

If you are looking for opportunities to enhance your financial, social and cultural well-being through different business initiatives and opportunities with your small capitals which is too small to invest by yourselves, then you must join Delight Cooperative. Please refer to membership section for details.

  • (1) Financial support to initiative your own business or initiatives
  • (2) Opportunities to invest in a big business initiative which members cannot access alone
  • (3) The capacity to borrow from the co-operative when there is a dire need for your initiatives
  • (4) The Opportunity to save small amounts which will become more significant in the longer term
  • (5) The Potential of limited dividends, rebates and bonus shares
  • (6) The Right to attend and vote at all general meetings of the co-operative, and the possibility of being a candidate for election to the board
  • (7) Social support and Networking
Delight Co-operative Services

Our services

Delight Co-operative services make up one of the frugality's most important and influential sectors.

Loan Support for initiatives

Loan Support for initiatives

You as member can receive loan from the Cooperative to start your own personal initiatives.

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Join Business Partnership Initiatives

If you are thinking to start a business but do not have enough capitals, the Cooperative can jointly invest as a partner in your business initiatives.

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Members saving Scheme

You can continue to save small amount of money you have regularly in the Cooperative so that your saving becomes big which helps you start your initiatives. And the at the same time, you can make an interest income on your saving.

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This is a community support initiative through issue of debenture. If you do not want to be member of cooperative but want to earn interest income on regular basis, you can buy a Cooperative debenture which pay you fixed interest income for the period of debenture.

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Highest level of integrity / absolute honesty in all the business conduct and dealings with customers.




To support individuals, families and businesses to attain financial independence and improve their financial wellbeing

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